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On June 6th, we need your voices to tell Park Board why the Skate Strategy is important!!

What: Attend the Park Board committee meeting on June 6th at 6:30pm.

Why: The committee will be voting on the Skate Strategy and we need your voices to tell them why this is important! The Strategy plans to shape a long range plan for improving the skateboard facilities within our park system in addition to finding opportunities for skateboarding (and other small wheeled sports) in public spaces within the city. Where: The meeting will be held at: Board Room, Park Board Administration Office 2099 Beach Avenue, Stanley Park How: If you want to speak to the Committee about the Skate Strategy, you must submit a request to speak by 12 noon on June 6th. Speakers are given a five-minute time limit, unless otherwise decided by the Committee. - To submit a request to speak in person at the meeting, complete this form (you can submit photos or related documents in this form) - To submit a request to call-in as a speaker to the meeting, follow these instructions Things to know about speaking at the meeting: What happens at the meeting: For each agenda item: 1. Staff and consultants make presentations. 2. The committee hears from speakers in the order they signed up. 3. The commissioners discuss and vote on the recommendation. It's difficult to predict when it'll be your turn to speak – especially for meetings with a lot of speakers – because: · Agenda items don't have start times · Agendas can be changed during the meeting We recommend that you arrive at the start of the meeting. How to prepare your talk: You have 5 minutes to address the committee, even if you represent an organization, so we recommend being concise. The committee can change the 5-minute limit depending on the number of speakers. State your name, organization (if you represent one), position on the recommendation (for or against), and rationale. If you have written material to share with the committee, email it to and bring 10 copies to the meeting. After you finish, any commissioner may ask you questions.

You can also contact the commissioners here to share your views

Helpful info for preparing to speak:

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