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China Creek


China Creek was build in 1979 and is the oldest skate park in Vancouver. The skate park has a two old school bowl that do not have typical coping found on modern transition ramps.

Hastings has a world class bowl that ranges from 5 to 11 feet deep. Hastings has hosted many international competitions, including Vans Park Series. The park also has a small street section.

Main feature of the Kensington skate park is a 9.5foot pool inspired bowl with 1 foot of vert. Other features include a mini-ramp, a bank, rail and ledges. Park also has beginner-friendly quarter pipes.

Leeside is a DIY skate park named in memory of Lee Matasi a skateboarder and artist who was the inspiration for the spot. Leeside's features mostly transition features and is appropriate for more advanced skateboarders.

Mount Pleasant


Mount Pleasant is a beginner skate park with a nice mix of banks, small quarter pipes, pump bumps, ledges and rails. This is great spot for younger skateboarders to get familiar with riding in a skate park.

Vancouver skate plaza was built in 2004. The design mimics urban plazas popular in the downtown cores of many large cities, including handrails, ledges, and stairs.

Quilchena skate park was build in 2001 and received maintenance and and upgrade in 2017. It has a new slappy curb and a small DIY style quarter pipe with hand poured coping, banks, rail, hubbas and a four foot quarter pipe. 

Stratchcona skate park has an asphalt surface and an assortment of hubbas, ledges, banks and rails. It also has an iconic barrier for more advanced skaters.

UBC skatepark was built in 2013 and is North America's first campus skate park. It has a bowled mini-ramp, banks, ledges, hubbas and rails. Fun for all levels.


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