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Our Mission

The Vancouver Skateboard Coalition works to influence policies, initiatives and decisions concerning skateboarding in Vancouver. We strive to increase, improve and maintain skateboard spots and parks around Vancouver, both indoor and outdoor. Through local events and programs, we aim to engage with and support the Vancouver skateboard community.


The Vancouver Skateboard Coalition is one of the oldest skateboard organizations in Canada, formed in mid 90s to advocate for better skate parks and acceptance of skateboarding within the city. The legacy of the VSBC include the world famous Hastings Skatepark, the Downtown Skate Plaza (the first skate plaza in the world!), and many other parks, including the China Creek skate park that was saved during the 2008 park redesign. In 2003 the VSBC was also successful in legalizing skateboarding in the City of Vancouver, which was a first in North America.

Board of Directors


Jeff Cole


Owner and head coach at UnderToe Skateboard Academy, a trusted advisor at PD's hot shop and a community legend

Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 8.36.46 AM.png

Michelle Pezel

Vice President

Can be found hangin out at Antisocial  skateboard shop , busy being helpful for all things skateboarding.
Loves helping things grow : P

Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 8.37.19 AM.png

Jeremy Nan

One of our newest board members , the mover and shakers of all things VSBC!  super shredder too!


Vlad Tucakov

Skate dad, recovering high-tech entrepreneur, trustee at Canada Skateboard and an old school skater from late 80s.


Sam Shone

Friendly, lateblooming skateboarder, cyclist & guerilla gardener.

VSBC member since 2019.


The Vancouver Skateboard Coalition has been a British Columbia non-profit society since December the 10th 2018. The board of directors is elected by the members of the society and are responsible for the operations of the organization. A monthly public meeting is held on first Wednesday of every month where members are updated by the board and are able to discussion ongoing projects.

VSBC and the board of directors are governed by the Society By-Laws.


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