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We are excited to welcome you all back again but as with everything else things took alot longer to get sorted and its going to be a little different this year due COVID 19.

Unlike last years drop-in style, this year will be pre-registration only. This will allow us not only to regulate the amount of people coming to each session for social distancing reasons, but also give you a chance to take full advantage of your session and volunteer support. We have been coordinating closely with Vancouver Coastal Health and Grandville Island and we feel confident that we can safely host this outdoor but cover skateboard space and ensure social distancing while keep our community safe. Unfortunately this will mean we won't be able to have EVERYONE in the Vancouver skate community participate just yet ! As to the most current restrictions don't allow adults to travel for sport , the mini ramp is ONLY OPEN FOR 19 and UNDER a this time. Please stay tuned for updates. Pre-registration only for 19 and under at this time only ! 2 hour reservable sessions ! 8 skaters max ! Masks Mandatory ! ~ WE WELCOME OUR AMAZING COMMUNITY BACK ~ Community sessions will be starting as soon as they can So stay tuned on there Instagram SESSION START SATURDAY January 8th 2021

BOOKING ONE WEEK IN ONLY AT A TIME please email us with questions ..concerns .... and we welcome any tips on making this work smoother for everyone! Thank you for your patience we are so excited to skate with you all soon!!

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