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Design Concept for China Creek Skate Park Upgrade

As part of the Skateboard Amenity Strategy that was adopted by Vancouver Park Board in 2022, China Creek Skate Park will be receiving several upgrades.

In collaboration with the China Creek Skate Park community, the park concept was designed by Transition Construction.

The upgrades will include:

  • Preserving and enhancing the existing heritage bowl features.

  • Replacing the existing asphalt paving with cast-in-place concrete surfacing.

  • Adding cast-in-place features that complement and enhance the existing bowls.

  • Integrating the landscape.

  • Creating seating opportunities.

Further details can be viewed in the below document:

2023-08-01 CC Preferred Concept Package
Download PDF • 1.05MB

Questions or need more info?

Timelines and other related info will be updated on the Parks Board page:

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