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It’s the return of Vancouver Skateboard Coalition & Vancouver Parks Board’s 12th Annual YOUTH WEEK SKATEBOARD CONTEST !!!!! Its free and will take place, rain or shine Saturday, May 7th from 1:00 until 4:00pm at The Downtown Skateboard Plaza (under the Georgia Viaduct at the intersection of Union St. and Quebec St.) Sign up in advance All competitors must have a waiver signed by a parent of guardian and must wear a helmet to participate in the event.

For Skateboarders of all levels. 18 years of age and under. ( beginner, intermediate and advanced divisions) As one of the most popular elements of Vancouvers YouthWeek since 2007, the Skate Contest is a family-friendly celebration of skateboarding and skateboard culture that is geared towards the younger age demographic of Vancouver’s skateboard scene. Featuring beginner, intermediate and advanced divisions for riders 18 and under. This year’s event will be another fun, exciting, and interactive day for everyone involved.

Hope to see you there !!!!! Brought to you by: The Vancouver Skateboard Coalition's and its lovely volunteers alongside The Vancouver park board Antisocial Skateboard shop , Menu skateshop , Supra dist , The Drive shop , Undertoe Skateboard Academy , Lazer dist , Pds hotshop , Skull Skates , The real hot skatemoms and Canada skateboard.

Photo of skateboarder: spikey_helmet_gus by jeff_cole .

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