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Plaza Repair Project Starts Soon!

The Park Board is going ahead with the Plaza repair project. The project is expected to kick off in October and last a couple weeks during which the Plaza will be closed for skateboarding. The project will update all granite ledges in the skate park, by either bringing in new granite pieces or flipping existing ones. After the project is done, the granite will be refreshed and the number of joints will be reduced. The project will also address cracked or worn down asphalt areas. The focus of the project is on usability and safety aspects of the skate park.

Upgrades and new features are not planned due to the replacement of the viaducts that could begin as early as 2021.

Below is a statement that we got from the city staff regarding timelines for the long term plans for the Plaza:

Timeline for the Interim Skate Plaza:

The interim skate plaza will be completed prior to the decommissioning the existing Downtown Skateboard Plaza.

Park Board staff will engage with the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition, skateboarders and the community at large on the location and the design of the interim skate plaza before this time.

The interim skate plaza should be of similar size, provide cover, have “street” style skate features, and be located within reasonable proximity to the existing Downtown Skateboard Plaza. It is estimated that the interim skate plaza will be in place for at least 5 years, while the new park is being constructed.

Timeline for the New Skate Plaza in Northeast False Creek:

The exact location and size of the new skate plaza is being explored through the NEFC Park Concept Design process, currently underway. Park Board staff will continue engaging with the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition as the design progresses.

The replacement of the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts with an at-grade road network and park reconstruction works are targeted to begin as early as 2021 (subject to funding). Phase 1 preparatory works on Pacific Boulevard from Cambie Street to Pat Quinn Way could begin as early as 2020.

The NEFC Plan and Viaducts Replacement Project is a self-funded project, and any infrastructure and park works are contingent upon securing funding through development. The anticipated timeline assumes that development proposals and final approval from Council proceed as expected, but may change should these proposals be delayed.

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