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This is a skateboard contest and fundraiser for the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition. Held on the green ramp on Granville Island on January 20th, 2024. 

It's an all day kind of skateboarding event starting around noon and wrapping up around 11pm!  

Sponsored by: Skull Skates, Ace Trucks, Pepper Griptape, Skull Candy headphones, Spitfire Wheels, Vans, Vulcan Bolts, PD's Hot Shop, The Boardroom, Menu, The Drive, Flatspot, Antisocial, Granville Island. 

Entry is $10 and half of the fee goes straight to the VSBC to continue funding their operations.

The other half goes into a cash prize pool for the advanced.

All participants under the age of 19 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian and wear a helmet to participate.  

There will be Bands, Skateboarding and Rad tunes from DJ Layback all day.  

The under 16 will skate just after 12:00 PM (Noon) 

Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced:

  • 2 judged runs of 45 seconds with prizing handed out after each category. 

  • Best run counts.  

Then after 6pm we will start the Advanced division. 

Under 16 will be allowed to enter with permission

Women/Femme, Men: 

  • There will be 2 judged runs of 45 seconds. Best run counts. 

  • The judges will pick the best 5 men and top 3 Women/Femme contestants to be in a final jam format.  

Cash prizing for the top 3 skaters and prizing down to 6th place!

So sign up here to participate and pre pay 10$ so all you gotta do is come skate!!

Also it's Free to come hang and cheer on your skate community : P Sign up in the link below

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