Important info 

Total participation per session: 15-20 skateboarders + 2-3 volunteers . 


Participants will need to register for every session in advance.


Sessions will end 15 mins early to clean & prepare for the following session.

The sessions have a max capacity of 15-20 skateboarders , free of charge so please cancel if you are not going to make it!


Participants are asked to come no more than 10 minutes before their session.

Masks are required at all times, except when skateboarding. 


Vaccine passports & ID are required to be shown at check-in for participants 12 & over.


Hand sanitization will be required when entering the facility.


Each participant will have a designated bag and jacket storage location.



Enjoy skateboarding
All weekend long in a covered  ,well lit space ,  turned skatepark for one weekend only !


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